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Low Real Time Hashrate vs Reported Hashrate

For several days my real time hashrate has been much lower than the reported one. As a result, ETH withdrawals from Poolu are much lower. After restarting the rig it is a bit better, but the results are still not satisfactory. What is it caused by? How to fix it?

I attach photos of the statistics as well as equipment and settings.

Rig with Nvidia and AMD uses Ryzen 3 3100 CPU, Rig with 7 AMD Cards uses Athlon 220GE.

Thanks for reply.

Here is my first rig.

Here is my 2nd rig.

What does your flight sheet look like on the first rig?

I used the same flight on both rigs.

Reboot helps for 12 hours, and after this time the same - real time hashrate very low.

After reboot it works 10 hours ans the same.

Now that I look at your pictures again it looks like the poolside hashrate jumps on the second rig after a reboot. Can you post the power draw charts? I suspect 2 of your cards are crashing, but still reporting hashrate. Should show a low power draw if that’s the case

Yes thats it! Cards crashes but reports hashrate. I have the same problem on 2 rigs.

You know where is the problem? How to solve it :wink:

I have 009c risers, bequiet! straightpower 1000w psu


Second rig

Can’t say for sure the cause yet, but you can set the hashrate watchdog min power to have it auto restart the miner or reboot the rig if power drops below the threshold. That will at least minimize downtime for now.

I had this same situation until I split the Nvidia and AMD to distinct worker names. But i read that it is just a dashboard issue. I just added “nvidia” to the miner worker name for the miner configuration. Hive was then able to then display it as a separate miner and the realtime, mean (average) and realtime matched.

Change pool or miner and monitor further