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Low profit on my pool!

Hi guys , my worker works flawlessly and I have right hashrate also I can see on my pool . I use 2miners and I have 300 mh/s but hiveos worker does’t earn profit on my pool. What will I do ?

From the image you shared your getting shares and coin. How are you determining that there’s no profit?

clic on "share " et get Reported share

for 350Mh / 24H on 2miner: 0.00818ETH it’s an estimate to within a few cents

I use the number of blocks found over 24 hours

i have to explain .I changed the pool, same problem still continue . I have 300 mh/ s on 2 worker and normally 250mh/s daily earnings = 0.0050 - 0.0060 eth but I have 0.0035 eth daily earnings on my 250mh/s also when it’s 1 worker at ethermine and 1 worker at 2miners I don’t have earnings problem.
What will I do ?

Have you noticed this decrease since the hard fork? If so, there’s not much you can do about that. I think most everybody has seen a decrease since then.

If can have one on each pool and mine more then why not keep one on each?

it’s not about Hard Fork because normally 300mh have to give 0.0065 eth I earning 0.0035 for 300 mhs that’s half bro ! also It’s ridiculous that I keep 2 of my worker in separate pools . Why can’t I get earnings when 2 workers are together? that’s the problem

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