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Low power mode in Antminer L7

How can I activate low power mode for Antminer L7 miner? Is there any command to add in Extra config arguments?

What firmware are you running on?

I ´m using last stable version for Asic Hub:

Asic miners run their official Antminer firmware ( last available version).


please try adding this to your flight sheet, let me know if it works

I have added that command to the flight sheet but it doesn´t work. I have tested it in Antminer L7, S19 and D9 but work mode has not been modified by the flight sheet in any of them.

please try replacing the 0 with a 2

I have tested it with the same result, it doesn´t work. Thanks for your support

If you find any other command to try , please tell me.Thanks

Can you send me a link to your farm where the L7 on stock fw is?

just wanted to update with the solution here as well for anyone looking in the future,

  1. make sure to update to the latest test branch release in asic hub
  2. then use: "bitmain-work-mode":"3" in the extra config field
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