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Low Hashrates on Nvidia Titan X

Good morning,

I am using Hiveos on my gaming rig to mine ETH, but I am observing very low hash rates.

A bit more information: my rig consists out of a intel core i7 5960x and a Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X (Maxwell). My hashrates vary between 2.7 MH/s - 2.9 MH/s, depending on the overlock. I have tried different miners like Phoenixminer, Ethminer and Lolminer. The latest driver is installed.

What is the reason for that and shouldn’t I get a higher Hashrate?

I am looking forward to your help!

All the best


2,9 max


Well, i was facing the same issue… but i managed to Overclock my Titan X 12GB with the following:

Fan Speed= 100
Core= 200
Mem= 850
Temp= 50c

running on ETHash

and i’m getting 2.8MH

I know i’ts not too much, but it’s still better then what you have.

Please, try it and let me know what you get.

PS: I managed to OverClock it all the way to 3.x/MH … but i was facing ANOTHER issue, where not All the “Accepted Ratios” were going throw, and it was showing me 50% drop.

All the best!


Hi again,

I managed to find another stable OverClock at:

Fan Speed= 100
Core= 330
Mem= 1200
Temp= 50c

But, i’m NOT Sure… just testing…

I have 2 Titan X 12GB… and the Total is showing me an an average of 6.175 MH…

Hope my input will be useful.

Good luck with your project



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