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Low Hashrate Warning When Mining Dynex

Hi, whenever I configure one of my rigs to mine Dynex, I get a “ZZZ” on the farm screen but everything appears to be running just fine. Any ideas?

All my Nvidia rigs show “ZZZ” when mining Dynex. All appear to be working just fine though.

Which miner, version and which gpus?

Hi Keaton_hiveon,

The GPUs are a mix of Ada and Ampere cards ranging from A2000s up to a single RTX 4090.
All the rigs are based on either Ryzen 3900x or 5900x.
All the rigs are dual mining Warthog and Dynex.
Warthog = bzminer v21.1.3b3
Dynex = OneZeroMiner v1.3.0
Typically CPU + 2 GPUs on Warthog and the rest on Dynex. Until today they were all mining Warthog and Alephium. No "ZZZ"s showing then.
Mining is working and the earnings seem about right.

ill try to recreate today and see what’s going on, thanks for the info


Hi Keaton_hiveon,

Did you manage to replicate? Still happening for me…

Actually, looks like latest update has fixed it. :slight_smile:

Whoops i guess i never replied here, sorry i was able to replicate it. Let me know if you have any other bugs :slightly_smiling_face: