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Low hashrate on some GPUs with ASrock H110 Pro BTC+ 13 GPU Board

Hi all, new to HiveOS here.

Was mining on Ubuntu for a couple of years and decided to pull the trigger and switch to Hive.
One of my rigs running on the 13 GPU Asrock only works well for 5 out of the 13 GPUs (~ 29 MH/s). The rest vary between 18 and 20 MH/s.

I use the same BIOS that I’ve used for the past two years on Win10 and Ubuntu.
The behavior is the same regardless of miner (tried Claymore and Pheonix).
I was only able to set PCI speed to Gen 2 for several cards, as the mobo doesn’t have controls for all of the slots (I suppose some are shared).
Everything else looks like what I read on the forum here, should work, but it doesn’t.

Happy to post logs.

Any ideas? Thanks!


On what cards?