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Low hashrate on NVIDIA RTX 3070


I have a rig with 3 rx580 and 1 rtx3070. Rx580 has normal hashrate but rtx3070 very poor.

OC is
Core 300
Men 2000
PL 150

What am I doing wrong here? Followed this guide


Flash the latest stable image, youre on some pretty old kernel/drivers.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that :+1:

Hello, upgraded to latest Kernel and upgraded the HiveOS but still have the same hashrate.
I have these OC

|Core clock offset|300 MHz|
|Memory clock offset|2000 MHz Linux|
|Powerlimit|150 w|

Try using a locked core clock instead of offset,

Hello, i am a little uncertain on how to do this, I found out that I need to run a command and it should be Nvidia-smi -I 0 -lmc 300 is this correct? there’s two GPU0 but the other one is AMD, will it understand? and is the core lock correct with 300 for Dynex?

Hiveon os treats values above 500 as locked clocks, simply change the 300 in the ui to something around 1500 to 1800. If you want to run a locked clock + offset you can do the ocs in the miner config, see the github for which miner youre using for syntax.

Dont bother with nvidias smi here.


Thank you so much! HUGE difference :smiley: and so easy. Thank you.

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