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Low hashrate on MSI 1660 super ventus xs oc with memory Hynix GDDR6 90.16.5A.00.34

I have a rig of 12 MSI 1660 super ventus xs oc with memory Hynix GDDR6 90.16.5A.00.34. However, I can not get more than 28MH/s with the below overclock setting:
Core: 943
Memory: -1004
Power Limit: 80W

Does anyone have the same experience with this GPU?

try 1060 core and mem 2200
tell us what is the hashrate

Thank Fernado, I’m able to get 30.6MH/s with this OC. I’m trying to increase the memory by +200 and see the hashrate growing abit more.

also in PL instead of 80 put 90…

It works well I can get up to 31+. Thank you very much

It’s work for me too Thank you so much :grin:

with above settings i am still at 30.64

You can try to increase the mem to 24000 and see the result

try core clock 1100 & mem clock 2600. i got 31.5 mh/s

6 gpu rig - very stable, no invalid shares - if using core clock, no need to use PL

will try this, there is a reason you dont let the Fan in auto (0) ?

just personal preference to have fans at constant speed vs adjusting based on temperature

still testing, base on your setup. looks like is ok :slight_smile:

3000 memory clock ?
i think this is too high ??

new memory require much higher memory clock to achieve 32+ mh/s

i do like u said , but i didn’t see any one do this memory number because it’s too much
do u have any other plans for high mh/s?

what card do you have, and what bios - if you post a screenshot I can try to see what oc would work better - what is your current hashrate?

I only used amd, this is my first time to use (nvidia) msi 1660 super oc
I need the card to live for a long time, because I think the memory frequency is very high

Those settings are fine - memory needed to be higher on these new 1660 cards. I switched my settings 5 days ago and so far everything pretty stable.

Is there no mistake or fear for the memory in the coming days that it will be destroyed, or is there fear for the life of the card?