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Low hashrate on GTX Titan X

Hi , I am using Hiveos on my m rig to mine ETH, but I am observing very low hash rates.

My hashrates vary between 2.44 MH/s - 2.54 MH/s, depending on the overlock. I have tried different miners like Phoenixminer, Ethminer and Lolminer. The latest driver is installed.

What is the reason for that and shouldn’t I get a higher Hashrate?

I am looking forward to your help!


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I have 2 GTX Titan X running in my rig. I’m also getting at most 3MHs on each card with OC. From what I have read about this issue they say it is the architecture of the cards. Apparently if you use Windows 7 or 8 they will achieve 30+MHs each. I have yet to see a solution for HiveOs but I’m hoping there is one.