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Low hashrate on 3090 & 3080 FE

I have a 3090 and 3080 FE non LHR, but they performing very badly… The memories are a bit hot but I think still not thermal throttling…

Anything to increase HR?


Try improving heat on your rig. Put fans to 100% and use Lock Core:

3080 Core 1050
3070 Core 1050

Try lolMiner 1.48, it seems you have a LHR 3070

is not LHR. Its a 3080 and a 3090

fans to 100% and locked core clocks on all. reduce mem until its not throttling

Use Absolute Core clock
3080 - core 1100 mem 1500 - at first if works, higher - CHANGE THERMALPADS !
3090 - same story
rising fan speed wont help.

My 3080 zotac was working 73 at winter and 42 at summer…after pad change - 100 all the time.

He’s at 80% fan, so changing that to 100% will definitely help.

not as much we would like

But it will help some, unless the fan has the same cfm rating at 80% that it does at 100% which wouldn’t make any sense.

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