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Low hashrate on 1080ti cards


I have a 6 x 1080ti rig. On Nicehash I was getting 70-75 MH/s on Lyra2v2 per card, but when I switched to hiveos I am only getting 40 -50 MH/s?

What can I do to improve my hashrate?

I switched to hive for stability and to get away from windows.

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Can you share your overclocking differences between the two miners and pools?

That’s with zero overclock on both…

Please more detail. {{ I don’t do anything with nice hash as I have a zero trust factor with them. }}

I’m willing to try it on a 1080 Ti rig that is due for a reboot (offer expires tomorrow) to assist but need to know:

  1. Which coin?
  2. Which miner?
  3. Which pool?
  4. Expected power consumption?