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Low Hashrate CPU Mining xmrig v.6.20.0

Hello fellow miners,

I am having trouble mining on my AMD Ryzen 9 3900x rig. I am mining Zephyr with XMrig v6.2. Since somewher in october i have been getting a hashrate of around 2 kH or lower, while before it was between 15 and 20 kH. I did not make any changes and the cores are running at very low temperatures. I have no idea where i should be looking to troubleshoot.
I tried to run s-tui stresstest and with that everything starts churning up (AIO fans), but as soon as i stop it, everything goes back to low temps and the hashrate stays low. What could it be?

I realise i might not be providing enough information to troubleshoot, but maybe someon has had this before?

Check clocks and voltages are properly set in bios.
Check memory is set to xmp enabled

With a 3900x you should be between 12-14kh on normal settings with decent ram

Hey @keaton_hiveon , i have set the clocks and voltages properly, but no xmp. It was however working without xmp

I have a bit of overkill of ram, 32gb

Youll want xmp enabled for randomx.


I have the issue that 1 of my rigs is doing 12KH on randomx and the ither just 7kh. everything is the same exept the motherboard. cpu is 5900X, What could be the issue for th elow hasrate?

What motherboard/settings? Usually i see people using very low end boards with little to no vrm cooling causing throttling.


Well im leaning on the Motherboard its Asrock B550M-HDV.

It has hit one time 13 KH but then just around 7 KH.

That is 100% your problem with that board.those are not good at all for mining as they have no heat sinks on the vrmsand just peg at 100c

Well, I have an X570 board and I enabled xmp, but still 1.8kh

Can you post a screenshot of the console/ miner log when xmrig is first starting?

Actually, i have just set the cpu speed manually in the bios and it suddenly started hashing again at 13kh!