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Low Hashrate and Abnormal Wattage When I Use First PCIe Slot?

I have an Onda B250 Mainboard for 12 GPUs. Whenever I plug in an AMD card into slot 1, I get like really low hashrate. If I use only one card in that slot, I get 4MH/s on it. If I plug in more cards in the other slots, all of them start dancing with the hashrate, it’s unbelieveabel. And the first card also shows an abnormal number of wattage usage like: 10368951W ??

I’ve read on the internet that it can be due to a monitor plugged in(or not) in the first card. I tried what not! Plugging/unplugging the monitor, restarting claymore after that, no avail. I disabled/enabled in the bios the integrated GPU, and tried changing a few other PCIe related settings, again no go. Users with the same Onda B250 mainboard haven’t had this issue under windows. So this is really puzzling me now. Anyone any recommendations ?


Solved it by selecting the #19 PCIe slot as primary display.

Im having a very similar problem.

Are you saying change primary display from IGFX to PCI#19?

I also see you CPU loads are very high, like mine. Did this fix the issue?

Actually what I wrote in my previous answer was not what solved the issue. I forgot that in the same time I did change another thing in the BIOS. It turns out changing the primary PCI-E slot to #19 has no effect on this. The solution was to set PEG to Gen2.

Here is a detailed guide on how to fix the Onda B250 Low Hashrate with AMD Cards.

Hope that was helpful!

Perfect! Thanks so much