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Low hashrate after adding new gpu to the rig

Hello, recently i added a new gpu to my rig and i started facing some problems.
I had a lhr 3070, an Asus 1660super and one Msi 1660 super. When i added another one Msi 1660 super , the first ones Msi’s hashrate dropped from 31.6mh to 28.4mh and watt dropped too from 75 to 69. The other problem is that when i start rig, 3070 had one 1660s overclock settings and the 1660 had 3070s overclock settings. Another one change i did and i dont know if it caused any of this problems, is that i added one more psu and a 24 pin splitter to connect it with my last psu but i didnt made any change in the first 3 gpus cables. The first one gpus where in the first psu and the last i added is in its own at the new psu.
Why when i added the new gpu the first gpus hashrate dropped and why the overclock settings got mixed?
I appreciate if anyone can help me!

If you change the order of cards your ocs will get mixed up. What are your current clocks? Do you have a picture of your worker overview screen?

I didnt made any change in the first one gpus slots in the motherboard. Could it still affect them to get mixed? All gpus was working well with this overclockings but when i added the new one the second dropped.

Order is based on pcie location name, so depends how your motherboard has its pcie slots named

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How can i get the 28.4 mh back to 31.6?

When i disconnect the new gpu from the second psu the gpu with the low hashrate going back to 31.6. The problem is when they work together. Is there any way i can fix it?

Does the low hashrate follow the gpu that’s connected to the second psu?

No, a gpu from the first (main) psu lowing its hashrate. Also the new gpu that i connect in the second psu and the one with the low hashrate are both msi 1660super.

Try swapping them around and see if the low hashrate follows the card or the slot/riser/cable

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I agree with keaton_hiveon. When adding a new GPU and your cards have different OC settings, they will get changed. You will have to correct the OC setting on ALL the cards, not just the new one. This is a very big problem with HiveOs. It would be nice if it could apply the OC based on the UUID of the cards.

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Finally the last gpu is lower has rate than the others. Its a new msi 1660 super with 930 -1004 80 and gets only 28.4 .