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Low hashrate 2060 super

hi everyone i have a rig with this configuration:
4 palit 2060 super

Intel 4560

b250 mining expert

4gb crucial ram

2x650w gold psu

Samsung 860 ssd

they gave me 33.5 mhs without overclock.
i have been tried windows too but there wasn’t any change in hashrates

i want to know what’s the problem with this?tried t-rex miner and gminer with same results

i have another same exact rig that’s acting like this

Some 2060s has first ETH lock mining implementation. You can only leave as is or if you’re risky-man than you can try to reflash to another similar model.

can you help me which models have similar safe bios?

Need to invistigate it. Hard to say exactly what will fit and will not brick your GPU.
But looking to vendor name I guess it’s 3rd party vendor without own PCI ID code such like KFA2/Galax, Inno3D etc.
TechPowerUp first place where you can try to find BIOS

thanks a lot for information

I have the same cards getting

43mhs +

can you send me your gpu bios file? what brand do you use?

The gpu brand is palit
Don’t think you need to bios mod the card
All i did was set the overclocks in hive or check popular presets for other settings

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whats your core clock when mining? my cards drops to 960. can you send me a picture of your running mining software display? its mine

do me a favor and send a picture from mining software that running now thanks

PALiT NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER DUAL 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card
I’m using NBminer

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thanks man. i don’t know why my core clock drop to 960-990. your’s at 1400-1500. are they stable at this core clock? i try windows too but same result and core clock. is there any advance setting about gpus that may cause this?

Ha-ha … 960 MHz that’s good ))) my 2060s from KFA2 drops Core down to 700-850. Only with settings core -375 and memory +375, core clocked up to 900 and it hashing at 37.5MH/s and eat 100W. On other algos except ethash it works as others 2060s

don’t know why? its too bad losing about 4-5 mhs per card for unknown issue

Ive got the very same issue. Brand new card, Gigayte, wont go past 110W. If i leave everything unchecked it goes to 180W, as soon as I hit 600Mhz on memory it drops like a rock…Also can get past 39MH/s

they arent the same cards, the memory brand its clearly different.

i have micron, hinyx and samsung ( the worst ) for my 1660 ti

if i set the micron oc to the samsung ones , my miner reboots constantly or wont mine , they work at very low rate.

if you are going to compare oc settings, check the memory brand !


did you solve this problem?

Nope, still cant figure it out.

My memory is: Micron GDDR6
Bios Version: 90.06.4C.00.4E

Currently sitting at [email protected]/s
Core -500
Mem +500 - +2000 (range but it doesnt matter)
PL 125W

If i drop mem overclock to <500 then it goes back up to 125W.


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it’s too bad i have searched every forum and sites to solve this but can’t figure yet. if you find solutions please let me know. thanks a lot

I have same issue with same card and I am able to get 39MH/s with same settings, increasing the memory speed will not help. Did anyone try to flash the bios of his card? Do you think that I should try to flash it to another bios?