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Low expect earning VS Hashrate

Hi, I see that my Expect earnings are very low if I compare it with my Hashrate and wth I can see in Wathtomine… Any ideas wath is happening?

Yea no clue, im pretty new at mining, but to me the only thing I see is people using Hiveon Pool complaining about this.
I have the same issue with many others complaining. Reach your payout and try a different pool, thats what im going to do and im sure many others.

Operators have turned off the variable difficulty and set a static value which has cut everybody’s shares by upto 50% & more in some cases.

I am still on my way to reach 0.1 Eth … after that I am thinking to stop mining with the hiveon pool.

Can i mine with hive.os in a other pool and get a better outcome?

Yes, but for more than one worker you will get charged for the use of the software.

Check out Prices and Packages | Hive OS.

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