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Low earnings despite 2x hashrate HELP

I’m new to HiveOS so I don’t know if I configured it wrong or did something else but…

I was mining on another GUI windows miner before was getting decent rates but decided to switch one of my rigs to HiveOS because it seems hiveon pool has great rates and hiveos in general seems like a great system. I currently have 5 cards total up to 325mhs but I’m getting about 0.009 eth (15USD per day), I know the graphs fluctuate, calculations stats are not entirely accurate and daily price of crypto also varies. So I decided to run it couple days and see my actual returns before asking for help.

My other rig (on windows GUI mining) gets 172mhs, 0.009 eth per day, actual eth, not projection. After 5 days, HiveOS with hiveon pool, 328 mhs I also get about 0.009 per day, the total after 5 days was 0.048 eth. I was getting actual 0.025 eth per day mining all on the windows GUI miner before.

Again I’m new to HiveOS, did I forgot to turn something on or did something wrong? Why am I getting half the earnings I get from a windows GUI miner, as I though hive was very competitive in earnings? If eth moves, both my rig should be affected, it doesn’t make sense my hive rig with twice the hashrate is making half.

Change your server URL according to your location…