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Low and Unstable Hash Rate RTX 3080 TI LHR

Hi , I’m new.
I’m using the config you can see below :

As you can see , same cards have higher values in hs to others, not for less , take a look at GPU 0 5 and 7
Those 3 are always “a step below” in hs terms.

The motherboard is a biostar TZ590 Duo + Celeron + 8 GB Kington DDR4 + Sandisk USB 3.0 SSD
2 x 850W Gygabyte + 2 x 1000W Gigabyte

The raisers are the same on each card , same cable run, similar temperatures.
This motherboard have 9 PCI ports out of the box.

The motherboard was configured with “GEN 1” PCIE

I’ve tried all types of overclocks + change PCI ports, raisers, processor , memory and motherboard.

Hash rate wont go up from there, kinda sad …

In the other hand I cant get all cards works in “close hash rate values” all together.

Any guidance or help ?

Thanks in advance.

start by optimising your OC. 1700 core is way more than needed. the goal is to find the higehst stable mem clock, and the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

are you on the latest stable image? what miner/drivers?

Hi, thanks for your answer, it is really mucha appreciated.

I’m using NbMiner and T-Rex (latest versions) and for nvidia I’m using 510.73.05 drivers.

Also if you cant point me in the right direction I dont know FOR SURE the maximo mem and clock my card is abble to support un til crash.

Thanks in advance again !

I’m sorry just a comment , If I go down with core clock (1700) the hash rate drops drown at least 20 mhs/s.

I´ve tried several values and this configuration gives me the mos higher hash rate,but , of course, you’re a regular here, i assume your suggestion will help me a lot.

Thank you Kiteon.

I would go back to 510.60.02 or 510.68.02 instead, and lower your core clock to around 1350 at most. Make sure you reboot after making changes.

To find the max mem clock is trial and error. No 2 cards are identical

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