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Low Accepted Rejected Invalid, Accepted Ratio w/o OC, Low Temps

Hi everyone, I just started mining with my first rig. I have 4 new 6600xt, 1 x 5700xt, and 1x RX580. I actually had a 3060Ti instead of one of the 6600xts but the rig constantly stopped working so I removed it and added another 6600XT. I OCed them the first few days and realized I had a high fluctuating real hashrate and my rig was going off randomly. So I finally removed all the OC settings and started mining on Redteaminer. Problem is no matter what Miner I use, I switched back and forth between pheonix, nbminer, and redteam and every time my hashrate drops to around 90 after a few hours. What am I doing wrong? Thank you a ton!

You need proper OC settings dude.

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Is there somewhere you can point out to me? There is so much info it is confusing. I OCed using the pre-made templates in the HiveOS overclocking settings but those always caused shutdowns and the rig went offline.

Hey here they are.

more or less something like this should work for you.

is the RX 580 bios modded?
my RX 570 is working with 1168 core clock, 862 core voltage, 800 memory controller voltage,
2100 memory clock.
now you need only for RX 5700 XT proper OC

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Thank you rkulov. You are the Man. I’ll apply the the OC to 6600xt. No my 580 is not modded. I saw there are plenty of mods out there but I was not sure which mod to use. I’ll look into it again.

you just need to download the bios from the RX 580 card. you can do it from hiveOS. download the bios , save it on your PC somewhere to have it as backup, then download polaris bios editor. open the bios with it and click one time click patch. hit yes yes yes and save the bios to a new file. Flash it to the GPU and its done. keep in mind while flashing to stop the miner from mining.

Awsome! Thanks again.

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