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Lost with billing

Hi @

Hope this post will not be stupid, but I promized i read 10 times things with billing, fee aso …
Some vocabulary isn’t the same depending on the page consulted, but I am not complaining about this.

I did tons of try swapping by pool, coins, and still don’t understand everything, because of refresh of actual context.

What Ineed to know now, is how to pay what I owe in debt to HiveOS ?

I was about to send ETH on my personnal address deposit but send ETH now cost tons of gas

1° Can I directly mine on my ETH personnal address to pay my fees ?
If so, have I to mine a full pending payout ? Or can I mine what I debt ?

2° Or, can I pay with pending ETC on Hive pool ? Something automatic, don’t know ?

Below a screenshot of situation
( Venus mining ETC on Hive pool )

Thanks for any help

You can

  1. Wait until gas fee will fall
  2. If you have wallet on Binance pay via BEP20 network in ETH
  3. Currently you have 3 workers on ERGO and 1 on Hiveon ETC so it’s free on current moment. Until your debt lower than -1$ Hive will not locked your Farm.

My bounds on

  1. If I look at charts this situation may last long, but will take a look regularly
  2. I not yet have an account on Binance but I am considering it and learn “BEP20” ^^
  3. Indde this situation is free of fees but I aim t focus again ETH, so I am warned for the 1$ lock

Thank you

Situation solved
Got my account correctly credited with ETH after 2 days of a 25 gwei order passed, and don’t fear anymore any ban ^^
Thank you for guiding me.

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