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Lost payment by changing wallet address

Hi, I was using one of old wallet address and then today i changed it to my Binance wallet and suddenly I lost all the money i earned in my previous wallet. can i recover my old wallet pending money? the account on Hive OS is same, only thing is i changed my wallet address. Please help.


Pending balance is tied to the wallet address, if you change back to the old address your pending balance will still be there.

I tried doing that, but somehow it stopped mining totally. it was not even mining. Not sure whhat went wrong. I gave my old wallet address, but it says invalid address. is there any support email or contact where we can reach to Hive Pool who can help with this?

If it says invalid address it’s likely you missed a letter. Plug in your old address and it will show as it did before.

You can email support [email protected] if you’d like, but if you set your address back that will resolve your issue.

Thank you so much. It worked now. I thought i lost all my money.

Just another question please. Once we get paid, can I immediately change my wallet address to another one?

Also can two farms have same wallet address?


Once you reach .1 you can change it to whatever you’d like and youll still be paid out. And yeah, you can have as many farms or workers going toward one address.

thank you Keaton for answering my questions. :slight_smile:

No problem!