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Lost 2FA due to new phone

I got a new phone and was using Google Authenticator on my old phone. I can’t get my 2FA. I am now using Authy so this doesn’t happen again.
What can I do to get my 2FA reset (turned off). I have had the same issue on several Exchanges. Lesson Learnt.

Any help appreciated.


Send to Hive Support e-mail [email protected] with following information to reset 2FA :

  • your login , name , email account in HiveOS (required)
  • number and names of rigs and wallet address in Wallets (main if several) (desirable)
  • Last external IP address and time of successful login (desirable)

If you do not know your IP address in this case, you can use one of the following free services:


what is the name of the e-mail?

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Ohh sorry )))
[email protected]

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Is there a faster way to contact?

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Response in 24h

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I had a similar situation when I installed google authenticator key for additional protection of akks. The thing was that I lost my old phone and I had to find out how to protect yourself in case the iPhone crashes. In fact, Transfer Google Authenticator to New iPhone is not so easy if you are not prepared in advance, and this is exactly what happened to me, because I did not make any backups. Now I’m trying to use the built-in exchange function for authentication more often, so that there are no problems with google authenticator new phone. So often make backups of important information and store it more securely, do not make the same mistakes, because there is a risk of losing important information, as it was with me. :expressionless:

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via Web chat on Hive’s web site or under your Account at right bottom corner

Hello~~ I don’t know when to set up 2FA

over 2 days no respond ?

2021 - Update


Just sent an inquiry to [email protected] Have the same issue. Lost my phone due to dropping in water now I am broke trying to use the 2FA. Can someone check and get back to me? Thanks!

I’m sorry, but if you can’t log in, how in the hell are you supposed to get that information? to send