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Lost 0.9999eth. Can I find old wallet address some place?

Hi guys, I really need your help.

I was about to get my first payout when I figured it was smart to check that my wallet address in Hiveos matched the on in Coinbase. It did not, and I got stressed out since I was on 0.9999eth. I therefore changed my address in Hiveos to the new one. What I did not know was that Coinbase changes this address every day for safety reasons. Anyhow, when changing the address I mined to, I obviously lost my progress. I was also stupid enough to not create a new wallet in Hiveos, but to just change the address in my existing wallet. I know that if I can retrieve the address I was first mining to, I can continue to mine my remaining 0.0001eth, and get the payout. I did not get a copy of the address I was first mining to.

My question is therefor, is it possible to retrieve the address I was first mining to? Find it in Hiveos or Coinbase or something? Or is there some other solution so I do not lose my 0.9999eth?

I would really appreciate any help here.

If you made a wallet change, that is an activity. So head to the Activity Tab of the rig/rigs in question.

  • You should be able to click on a blue colored item
  • “> View payload” and find the push of new address.
  • Much older “> View payload” of overclocking, etc., with the prior address.

While I don’t use Coinbase and they do Change addresses:

  • I have you checked your histories there for prior addresses, use, copy/paste, etc.?

In the web interface have you checked:

  • Wallets Tab at all levels?
  • Flightsheets at all levels?
  • Ever received a payout in the past?

Were you using the Hiveon Pool interface to track progress here:

  • If so, go back to web browser history as the wallet address will be exposed

Good luck.


@Grea You are a legend! Found the activity log as you told. Thank you so much!

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