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Loosing 3090s Nvidia hashrate when adding AMD to my rig

Hi guys, I have two nvidia 3090 gpus, when I put them to mine in T-Rex miner, they mine at 119 and 115 mh/s without problem. In the last days I added some new AMD 6700 boards to my rig. Create a new flightsheet with two miners, T-Rex for the nvidia gpus and TeamRedMiner for the AMD. Using same overclocking parameters for my 3090s as always. The 6700 are at 47mh/s which I consider is OK. But the nvidia cards lowered the performance to 101.6 and 87.43 when mining all together. If I take the 6700 out of the equation and put the nvidia cards alone back to mine, they reach 119 and 115 mh/s again.

Also tried other miners that work for amd and nvidia together as phoneix, lolminer, ethminer, gminer, etc, but same issue, in fact, the performance on those other miners is even worse for my nvidia cards. They never reach the full potential as mining alone.
Any ideas why I can’t reach the full potential when mining all gpus amd and nvidia together??

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I’m having a similar issue.

I just got a 3080 and I have a RX580 and by themselves they hash at 3080: ~85, R580: 31
When they are together 3080: 70, RX580: 33. I’ve tried changing overclock settings as well as flight sheets with the same and different miners. The computer it is running on is older, not sure if I need to upgrade the hardware.

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