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Looking HiveOS Admin to configure my rig

Hi I am looking for an admin to configure and tune my rig (flight plan, overclocking, wallet setup)

Hardware is all installed, but I am having one issue after another and could use some experienced help.

The goal is to prep to run the rig full of cards (can handle up to 12) running as efficient as possible. Not looking to bios mod, as I want to keep the cards in good shape for resale.


  • 1 HX1000i PSU
  • 1 MSA H310-F-Pro Motherboard
  • 1 SSD running windows 10 (for testing)
  • 1 Panda wireless card USB
  • 1 HiveOS USB
  • 2 MSI Radeon Armor 580 OC *GB
  • 2 MSI Nvidia GTX Armor 1070 OC *GB

I would pay through to keep things simple and mutually safe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I am interested in your offer. My WhatsApp is 5493416913434 so you can write me privately, í form Argentina

Thanks for getting back to me, but i ended up selling my rig.

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