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Looking for Vbios for MSI 5700xt 8176MB

Hope anyone can send me an original vbios for my MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT 8176MB (micron memory) 113-MSITV381MH.103

I have saved the previous original vbios but unfortunately the harddisk where i have saved it destroyed due to fall and files was no longer recoverable.

Advance thank you for anyone who can help. My email is [email protected]

Thank you!!!

Have you checked on techpowerup?

they only have MSI MECH OC for 8192MB not for 8176MB that i have. would it be ok to use it?

also, my real problem is that, i modified the vbios for eth. and now i am using it with kawpow, i only reach 14-15mhs. that is why i wanted to return it to original vbios.

hope anyone can guide me. thanks.

The faster memory timings shouldn’t hurt kawpow, but as long as that bios os for the same memory type as you have that’s what you want.

does it mean, i can use the 8192mb to flash on my gpu?

that leaves me with having only to reach 14-15mhs via kawpow. any other suggestion?

i also tried using TRM but it does not produce any hashrates.

thank you.

yeah theres only 8gb models of 5700xts. just make sure the memory type matches.

what settings are you running?

I removed all oc settings but i only got 14-15mhs.

Thanks to the suggestions. I did try the 8192mb and resetup the TRM, i now reach 23-24mhs w/ 160w w/o any oc settings. Can this be improved? Any oc settings suggestions?

Thank you.

yeah, find the optimal mem clock, and core clock then find the lowest voltage for each section that maintains stability, the goal being to make the highest profit after power

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