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Looking for some advices about my first rig build!

Hi guys!! First of all english is not my language… sorry if I have some errors in my writing.

I’ve just build my first rig with 4 MSI rx5700 MECH OC, a motherboard ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming and a CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600. I have some doubts about it:
a) If you don’t have a CPU with graphics integrated, do you need to put at least one GPU directly to the motherboard or you con have all of them connected with PCI-e risers??
b) I’ve seen a lot of people saying that is better to put all pci-e ports in “Gen1” mode and many more saying that “Gen2” mode is better for performance; and what about “Gen3”?? About this I’ve also read that ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT has a mining mode that put all pci-e in gen1 mode. What mode do you think is better for mining?
Thanks in advance!!

Integrated graphics on a cpu is optional. Used if theres a problem. In a lot of cases it can help or make things more straightforward especially if you plan on using a monitor to interact with your rig; you won’t be detracting what you normally would if you had it plugged into a card that is for mining.

Nobody uses gen3 or gen1. Auto is safe, and people use gen2 if theres some kind of problem with auto. Mining activities are not affected a lot by link speeds, and thats sorta (in my understanding) is the difference between the generations (newer generations may be faster, but the speed will not benefit any mining operations.)

Asus B250 mining expert is for experts. You probably need not worry about this motherboard unless you plan on buying and using one.

What mode is better for mining? For me either ‘auto’ or gen 2 if ‘auto’ doesn’t work, but newer motherboards/video cards might act different; this is with the b250 chipset which is kinda old now but common because it still works and buying new things is something the miner avoids.

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Thanks you very much @rc321!! The doubts was because my motherboard is not booting without a GPU connected directly to the motherboard without a riser. If I put all the GPUs with pci-e risers it’s refuses to start, so I was thinking that was because my CPU doesn’t have integrated video.

hola pattone, ese procesador no tiene video incorporado. exitos con la mineria :músculo: :músculo:

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Hola BATATA!! si si… los se; de todas maneras ya logre que arranque la PC con todas las placas conectadas por risers y sin video integrado. Gracias igual!!

Hola pattone, me podrias ayudar y comentar como lograste que te funcionen las graficas? Que configuracion de BIOS pusiste. Gracias.

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