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Looking for motherboard with lga1200 processor base

Hey guys!

Need help to find best model of motherboard, with those specs on title.

any recommendations?

thanks in advance and have a nice week!

for mining specifically? its best to use a tried and true board like something h110/b250. for mining alone you dont need bleeding edge motherboards/cpus. i see more issues with z590+/h510 than i do anything else.

if you want to run a few cards, any board should work. for 8+, be prepared to spend some time troubleshooting configs.

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Any good experiences that you can share for 8+ GPUs? I’ve got Z390-P doing great with 8 cards like RX5700XT and a few RX6600. On the other hand, I do have a bunch of Chinese 8/12 USB boards with Celeron 3900 and G540/G640. Nvidia rig (non-LHR) with 3090/3070/3060ti - no prob. Any AMD cards with those boards - always issue with OC and stability.

ive use the asrock h110 pro btc+ and asus b250 mining expert both with ~12 amd gpus at a time. i tend to stick to 8 card rigs now though, much less issues and cheaper boards.

Have a look at the new mobo from Biostar. It works well with cheap LGA 1200 CPUs

BIOSTAR TB560-BTC PRO Crypto Mining Motherboard