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Looking for help getting setup

Hey miners, looking for some noob advice. No experience with GPU mining (have several asics for years-not mining through hive) but have several cards to get going. Got my flight sheet setup to mine alephium but my rig shows offline. Would love some resources for troubleshooting this issue. Not sure where else to look, the guides aren’t getting me there or I wouldn’t be posting here. Can provide any information necessary to help troubleshoot but don’t know what is relevant for this issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Some screenshots would help, did it ever show online? Do you have a monitor connected to the rig? If so what does it show?

first time setup-haven’t had it show as online yet in hive, likely an error on my end for that reason. There’s probably more useful screenshots I could provide but my ignorance to this whole process…seems like asic’s are so much easier to set up lol.

is it on? connected to internet?

if you connect a display to the worker what does it show?