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Looking for guidance MSI RX580 Armor (Samsung) -- low MH/s -- but good MH/w

Hi all.

I am new to mining and have tried four different OS. I like Hive.

I have 8x MSI RX 580 ARMOR OC (Samsung) 8Gb running on ZOTAC B150 MOBO

I have never been able to get my cards over 31MH/s at any power level. I see many people with 33-35 MH on these cards. Memory speed above 2100 crash the card.

I ended up modding the bios to get optimal MHw. See my results below.

I think the efficiency is very good? (~.46mh/w) The cards are stable at this wattage with <1% incorrect shares.

My question. Is it better to bios mod or to use Hive settings for best MH/w?

Looking for advice as you know more than me =)


У меня точно такая же проблема с этой картой, друзья, если кто может решить эту проблему, помогите пожалуйста

I have been running this 8x MSI RX 580 (samsung) Armor rig rig for a while now. The good part is the cards require little power, are very stable with < .01% invalid shares, produce very little heat, and run for weeks without needing a reboot at this low power/hash.

I have been trying to add capacity to my farm, but cards are difficult to come by these days. I did get 8 more of these MSI RX580 8Gb (samsung) Armor cards and built a second identical rig. Both rigs perform exactly the same, ~220.8 MH/sec each and <740W at wall.

I have not been able to find or create a better bios for these cards.

Anyone else use this cards and get better results?


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