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Long term 5700 XT safe memory temperatures?

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone’s been mining on the 5700 XT at around 90ºC Memory Temperature for more than a year.

I know some of you have great cards that can sit at around 75-80ºC, but mine doesn’t, and, from what I’ve heard, there’s no 100% conclusive information on GDDR6 safe temperature for 24/7 usage.

So, am I facing any risk mining at 88-90ºC with a 5700 XT (Sapphire Pulse)? How long have you been mining at such temperatures? Has anyone been doing it since release (2019), so we can have an idea if this damages the card or not?

I was wondering the same thing and searching for answer. Nobody responded to you. Did you ever find info?

I didn’t, though I’ve been mining at 80-90ºC for 6 months now. A bunch of users in this forum also seem to keep their cards in this range.

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