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Lolminer suddenly stopped working

First of all sorry for my english.

Hey, i’ve been dualmining Ton+ETH on my rig for few months without crashing and suddenly lolminer stopped working. Both ETH solo mining and +Ton dualmining crashes the rig.

At first i get hashrate from my cards and afterwards the rig goes suddenly offline, then after few minutes rig is online again. Other miners works as well, but i still want to stick to TON dual mining.

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen showing cards/clocks/kernel version/driver version etc etc.

This is the setup and overclocks i am working with. I swapped to gminer which is working.

Start with updating everything, you need latest drivers for lolminer to work correctly.

Fully updated everything up to date. Still same issue. Once miner starts it goes offline for few minutes and shows online again with no new boot time. The rig simply is booted, but mining keeps freezing/crashing.

Do you have a display you can watch what the miner is doing when it goes offline? I would try more conservative overclocks, start with 1500 core and no memory, if stable, slowly increase mem to find the highest value that’s stable.

Also, it’s better to use the core clock to control power than using a power limit, I would set the pl to 0 as well.

I get no notification when the miner goes offline. Overclocks were stable for several months. The miner goes offline only on lolminer. Any other miners are running. I will try to overclock from scratch then if it is the issue.

Do you have telegram and discord notifications set up? And yeah, it’s best to tune oc on each change, stable ocs for eth won’t always be stable for eth and ton.

If you are mining in Nicehash + TON with lolMiner you need to do some updates to work properly:

Remove PL of your OC except in the 1080
Update drivers to 470.103.01
Add to the flightsheet --enablezilcache

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