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Lolminer: Device 0 detected as crashed

My rig has two rx 6800 xt cards.
I am mining eth and kaspa at the same time dual mining.
My miner is lolminer 1.54.
I recently encountered this error.
Please help me.

my error is
lolminer: Device 0 detected as crashed.

my overclock is

CORE 1260


VDD 630 /VDDCI 735 /MVDD 1260

MEM 1066

Not a fan of your overclocking and neither are these folks:

Voltage is low for a few of your settings in my experience.

Have you tested ETH only to confirm it is not configuration related with dual mining?

retune voltages from scratch when changing from one algo to dual mining, looks like you just raised the core clock and nothing else

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