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Lolminer constantly crashing on Kaspa

I’m mining Kaspa on a 1080Ti with 1.65 version of Lolminer and I’m getting multiple crashes per day (sometimes multiple days before a crash occurs). I know the setting are stable because I use them on everything else and there is no issue. Also there are no crashes when I mine Kaspa with Gminer (tried different miners to test if it was the algo). I’ve tried updating drivers, using different versions of the miner and no OC at all and I’m still getting these crashes. Any input?

have you heed the warning? Try lowering the oc for card 5. Not all cards like the same values

Lower oc and reboot each crash until stable

As stated it crashes even with no OC, 100% stock settings it will still crash…

With or without OC the card crashes, same issue on another 1080ti that I have on Windows

No oc is the same as bad oc. Try very conservative settings, if it’s still not stable try swapping parts around, test risers/cables/psus etc.

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