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LOLMiner and 6700XT ETH+TON Issues

Anyone have 6700XT mining ETH+TON successfully with LOLMiner? My 3060TI’s & 5700’s are doing amazing, but i have a 8x6700’s that will not play nicely with the config no matter what I do with OC, etc. Runs for a few minutes and crashes LOLMiner.

What clocks and voltages?

Works good here. Try 1500 core clock and 2000 memory clock.

2000 on the memory on a 6700? Thought it could only do 1075 max?

Without pushing it too much, I have


Getting 46.01 MH, 1.012 GH out of it, at 108 W.

@painting you are right. I mixed up with another card. Mem clock is 1075.

I will give that a try. That would be incredible to achieve. Very similiar to my 3060ti’s and 5700s if so. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Works like a champ. :-). Those OC settings were exactly what I needed

How about ETH+TON on 6700 XT
I got that for ETH but what about TON, I dont see any TON on the XT’s
Thanks in Advance

Same as eth, add core for more ton.

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