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LOLMiner 1.55

How long before HiveOS will have tha lates LOLMiner 1.55 with 20% improved performance mining Flux?

It will be in the next update. Don’t have an exact eta but very soon

You can install it manually, should you need it before then

You need to adjust this (change 1.5x ot an existing folder), but should work

cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.55a_Lin64.tar.gz && cd 1.55a && miner stop && cp lolMiner /hive/miners/lolminer/1.5x && miner start

Update is live now.

So I get this error every time my rig tries to install lolminer v1.55a and then the operation terminates. What can I do to fix this? All help appreciated!

Could be a network issue, or corrupt install/drive. Do you have any connection issues with the download server if you run net-test?

download servers seem to ping just fine as seen on the image…

It makes sense to me that you mentioned corrupt install/drive because earlier today I ran selfupgrade command to 0.6-219@220906 from earlier version in order to download lolminer 1.55a and it completed the upgrade but with some errors that I couldn’t see because the system rebooted quickly…

Corrupted installation was the culprit.
I ran “selfupgrade --force” this time and it fixed the corrupted files, lolminer 1.55a downloaded and running successfully! Thanks!

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