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lolMiner 1.48 not mining TON to my wallet but v1.47 is ok

I’ve been dual mining ETH+TON for about 2 months, everything was fine, but I have updated to lolMiner 1.48 2 days ago, and it was still mining, but this morning I noticed that my hashrate dropped drastically on the pool (went from 35 (hive rigs + 2 computers) to 5 ghs (2 computers not running Hive)) in the last days. Strangely all my config is still there, and good in HiveOS.

All I did was change back to version 1.47 and now my hashrate is going up again on the pool.

Anyone else had this issue? I’ve been mining for 2 days for nothing

Seems to be an issue with whales ton pool, have you tried any other servers?

well i’ve tried swapping back to 1.47 and it works. I haven’t retried 1.48 since it works fine on 1.47

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