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Lol Miner (AMD Cards/Toncoin) won't restart if GPU crash

Hi, I have an issue. I have 8GPU rig. Two RX6600XT and six RX6600. I’m using walestonpool and LOLminer. If I mess up overclock and one GPU crashes I can’t get it back and running unless I restart the whole rig. I’ve tried to use “stop/restart miner” and no luck. I did try to unset flightsheet and put it back. Nothing. I don’t want to restart the rig every time I push GPUs too far. Anyone can help to find a way how to reset the miner without restarting the rig? Thx

If you crash the driver you need to restart

Can it be done without my input? Perhaps watchdog should help with hasrate min value?

Depends how it crashes really. But yeah worth setting hashrate and power watchdogs anyway.

Just had a pool issue. It rebooted two times before the pool got back up and from what I can see it’s helping a lot. Thanks for your help!

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