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Lol 1.6 on flux

Just found that lol 1.6 really kills it on flux.

At least until hive updates, think this should work
cd /tmp && wget && tar -xvf lolminer-1.60.CustomHiveOS.tar.gz && miner stop && cp -adpR lolminer/lolMiner /hive/miners/lolminer/1.59a && miner start


  • Significantly improved performance on Flux for Nvidia Turing & Ampere and AMD RX 5000 based GPUs. The expected performance on Ampere and Navi GPUs is about 15-20% above common implementations. On Turing based GPUs the performance matches common codes, but is more energy efficient. Fee is 1.5% for the new codes.
  • Equihash 125/4 (Flux), 144/5 and 192/7 stratum can now distinguish between stale shares and other rejected.


  • Smaller fixes in Kaspa stratum, removing the extra string lines when a share gets rejected and fixing a potential infinite loop that might consume CPU time.

Nice the forum uses markdown language

miniz is still better :wink: