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Load avrag too high Asus B250 mining

hi guys i have many rig newly set new 2 rigs
Asus B250 mining
cpu g4400
ram 4 * 2
psu 2450 hp for gpus
psu Cooler master v1200 for mb and riser

in telegram group
Recommend friends
too much oc ( i set all the gpus default )
and test other miners like phonex and …

i dont have problem in windows 10 but in hive
hive is started found all my hard ware cpu ram mb gpus
but i cant run any miners

hi guys no body knows my problem ?

I have a similar problem but it seems to be limited to specific algorithms. Try another algo and see if it drops. For me cuckaroo based algos are kinda bad, and X16r is really bad.