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Load average problems on my antminer l3

my antminer l3 presents a high load average around 4 or 4.5, I would like to know why this is due and what could I improve so that this does not happen, I overlocked it to 616 mhs

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Same for me! Overclocked or not. I have a similar load average at 504 MH/s. It look like Hive on ASIC take more CPU than the Basic Antminer OS.


Same here ! I don’t know how to resolve this issue !

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Same! I have three L3+'s running the base OC profile of 504MH/s (haven’t even really dabbled w/ cranking them quite yet). I get the Load Average on all of them, it comes & goes, sometimes into the 3’s and 4’s. How can we fix this @Hive_OS_admin ??

Experiencing the same thing with both L3+ and L3++. It seems completely independent of config.

Looking at System > Monitor (top), it looks like it’s /usr/bin/cgminer taking up all the resources. %VSZ = 104%, and %CPU = 42%.

I have 3 L3+ on HIveOS, and they all have high load average, in the 3 and 4 range. It doesn’t seem to matter which OC profile I use. @Hive_OS_admin , any insight on how to address this?

same problem here. Any news on this ?


I have several L3+ and more load averages are above average on most of them most of the time. How can the firmware be written to be more efficient so that load averages decrease?

I also have this issue, it would be nice if someone with the required knowledge could look into it.

+1 somebody know way to fix it?

Same here and the miner seems to restart randomly. I can’t get mine to run for much more than an hour without the miner restarting but most of the time it only runs for 15 minutes. Is this normal? I’m new to ASIC and Litecoin/Doge pools

What has been the solution to this problem?

Same here

I’ve the same problem with several Bitmain Antminer L3+. All devices has latest firmware.

How to solve high LA problem with these devices?

Please advise

I would like help with this as well

Maybe this helps

Load average (LA) errors/warnings for L3+ with HiveOn. What does this mean?

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