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Life after Ethereum 2.0 and mining on a R9 390

Okay. So Ethereum 2.0 is vastly approaching, and I am wondering what I’m going to mine with my R9 390 x4 mining rig. RVN is taking a massive hit, BTG mines like crap on them, and ETC seems a bit shaky. What, if any of you even mine on R9 390s, are you all planning to switch to when 2.0 roles out?

assuming youre wanting to mine something profitable vs supporting a network at a loss, pay attention to when it happens

Yeah, but R9 390 are not listed there. I’ve been using RX 480 8gb as a reference. Will that still work out?

even the cards listed arent the most accurate, just plug in your hashrates/power draw for each algo

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Ok. Yeah, sorry about the late reply. I had a whole bunch of IRL stuff go down. Yeah, I was just having a hard time finding the hashrates for some of the algo.

Best to test your card and see what it’s capable of, not all cards will get the same results

Ok. Yeah, I kind of figured that would be the case. I was just kind of hoping someone with the card had an idea. Thanks for responding. I appreciate it.

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