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Lhr unlock miners

I know of these as full unlocks. My guess is that more will be released

t-rex (0.26.1) 1% also does alph dual mining
lolminer (1.50) 0.7%(?) also does ton/alph dual mining
gminer (2.93) 1% also does ton/alph dual mining
nbminer (41.4) 1%

The dev community has really done a great getting these to us in a couple of days. :+1:

Trex is dual miner alpha
Lolminer is dual miner ton

Thanks, you are right t-rex is alph :confounded: (fixed on the original message)
However, lolminer does both

was curious if there would be much difference between the miners since all of these already implemented the unlock. At least for my rig, t-rex gave me the best consistent results. Gminer was practically a tie

This shows the delta against t-rex (in mh/s)

gminer		-0.1
t-rex		 0.0
lolminer	-4.4
nbminer		-1.1
bzminer		unstable
nanominer	-4.0

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