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LHR+ NBminer unstable

Every so often the hashrate drops to 20Mh (57Mh normal) and the fan goes to 0%, latest NBminer + latest Nvidia driver, anyone else with this problem?

Yes but no answers from anyone or anything I have found yet, currently testing older miners with the new 510 drivers and if still unstable I’m going to downgrade drivers as well. Full unlock is cool but worthless if the rig can’t stay for longer than an hour.

assuming youre on the latest kernel/hive version/driver/miner version. the driver crashing (0% fan reported) is almost always due to too aggressive mem clocks.

step 1: reduce mem clock on problem gpus and reboot
step 2: repeat step 1 until stable

I’ll have to try it. After these last few patches to Hive I have been having issues with almost every rig. Cards not getting recognized, failed oc errors, 0% fan. Pretty much any thing and every thing.

Yeah any time you have any issues it’s always best to flash the latest stable image and go from there. Makes troubleshooting easier as it rules out software issues.

Are you saying remove hive and reflash it?

Reflashing will overwrite everything so no need to remove, but yeah never a bad idea to flash the latest stable image if you’re having any issues.

Will keep you posted

I use 217 Hiveos with 510.60.02 , with new image, OC -350 mem 1200, before stable ~43Mhz (75%LHR) , now unstable, 10-14h fail.

Don’t use core offsets on modern cards (16 series or newer)

I’m with you on this as well but their a new nvidia driver im testing flashing latest stable so idk we will see

only use mem clock?

Use locked core clocks (in hive values above 500 in the core field are treated as locked core clocks) find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. No need for power limit that way as well

Got it, I will try that out as well. Seems like flashing latest stable version does the trick, but now I don’t want to update out of fear of everything failing again :confused:

It is 3060 Ti LHR , Core = 0 , is correct?? . I use = OC (Ag 2021 - today)

naw he was saying to use 500 or more, use the lowest one that maintains best hashrate and letthe cards decide the power draw

10h and down, max 14h, new usb, new burn, OC 0 core 1200 mem

Don’t use default core. Find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. 0 core is more core than a 30 series needs for eth. Running default core clocks is just wasting power and being harder on the card for no gain

0 Core in my GPU is 1350 clk :
If I put 0 hashrate 56.77Mh 124W
if I put 1300 hashrate 55.00 Mh 120W
if I put 1050 hashrate 47Mh 113W
if I put -300 ,core work a 1050-1065-1080 Clk but hashrate is 56.76- 56.77Mh never down hashrate 124W

Valour in miner Nbminer

1350 is base clock, it will boost as long as temps and load are there. 1350 isnt enough core to get full hashrate.