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Latest OS and error message "detected gpu x dead" TRM issues?

After upgrading to latest OS 0.6-203@210426, i have experienced continous error abou dead gpu.
I have changed risers,cables, pci connectors now, the thing is, rig was running without any errors before upgrade. Have anyone experienced similar issue?
I contacted support about this and got only answer that my OC is too high or hardware issue. OC´s have been working justy fine before…i belive there is something wron in latest TRM fixes., his needs to be fixed asap.
Hive have been good, but lately i have started to concider that should i move my farm to another OS.

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I have same problem, gpu dead…

i rolled back to previous OS and lowered my mem a bit, went up with vdd by 005 and now have had 14hrs without any errors or other issues. will see…there was defo something going on with latest os…

trm config


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