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Latest Hive Version 0.5-51


Updating my rigs last night saw a few GPUs increase slightly on DSTM.

However within a few hrs I started to get issues.

My fans on this screenshot have gone. Plus 3rigs are down on hashrate

My question, can I go back one release?

Be sure to enter desired version to downgrade to.

After yesterday’s update to version 0.5-51, the farm speed was 1.97 kH/s. After the upgrade, the speed dropped to 1.5 kH / s. I also noticed one thing that not all the cards fell speed.

Latest version dstm 0.6.1 has performance issue (see topics on bitcointalks forum)

I’m think better downgrade to 0.5-50

I had no issues I actually got a increase is performance

After the update to 0.5-52 I started receiving Cuda Core Failures, GPU positioning issues like the Order switched to GPU1, GPU0, GPU2 and so on. I downgraded to 0.5-51 and haven’t had a issue since. Also the miner would restart every 45 mins to a hour. Since the downgrade not one restart. (knock on wood). LOL