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Latest Hive 0.6-217 iGPU non-recognized


On the latest Hive version it is failing to recognize my R5 5600G iGPU. I use it to mine TON. It just says “CEZANNE” and shows up as a missing GPU. Not sure if this is related to the new AMD driver? Thanks. Downgraded for now.



Is it enabled in the bios?

Not sure - it’s only on the newest version of Hive though, in the picture above you have see the rollback version recognizing it.

I’ll double check bios though thanks for the suggestion.

Having the same issue still. The iGPU is not loading as a graphics card and shows as disabled. I went in bios and made sure the iGPU was active. This is on the latest HiveOS. It stopped working ever since an AMD driver update about a month ago.

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