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Lack of answers

The more I hang around the forum the more I realise this is not the place to get answers. There is an endless list of people asking really good questions and zero answers from the community. OK this usually pushes me to dig around and find the answer myself but it does kind of beg the question - is it worth it? As for HiveOS they simply do not respond. Ever. The system is on the one hand amazing but on the other supremely frustrating. Ultimately one starts to think of looking at the alternatives and maybe yes, the grass is always greener on the other side, but who knows…maybe it actually is. I guess it is all about the size of your farm


Hi, you should join the Telegram group. There are Admins there that would be happy to help and a large community too.
I didn’t have Telegram but joined for the same reason and also to get ststus messages from my rigs on an hourly basis.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the tip - I am now trialling MinerStat on one rig and so far - loving it but will give it more time. As for Telegram - the temp alerts on on marginal card caused my telegram to ping-endlessly. Like every minute. And one of my unanswered questions here in the forums is how can one fine-tune those alerts…which by the way I do not believe is possible with the current version. But maybe I am wrong…or right…who knows…echo cho echo L)

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