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La is too high

When i start the hiveos miner isn’t starting because of la la is startin with 3 and going to 5 or 5.20 and rig is being offline in hiveos so miner isn’t restarting why is that can be?

Typically this is from bad overclocks. What clocks are you running?

İ didn’t do any overclock but it is being with overclock anda without overclock it is not changing

No OCs are the same as bad OCs.

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Do you got a discord i will show it with video

Set conservative ocs and try again, if it continues to happen, try reflashing a new drive with the latest stable image and see if it improves.

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This is my overclocks filght sheets and hiveos app ss if you give me ur dc i will send you a video la is starting with 2.5 and going to 8.5-9.5 i will send you the all things from starting to end.

You can’t use multiple ton servers, pick one only. If that doesn’t solve your issue open the miner inside the shell and see what its saying

Okay it solved but now is another problem:
My hiveos is installed on usb and the system gave an error in the miner, then when I try to restart, the computer sees the operating system in the usb, but when I try to start it, it stays on a black screen, then when I think it gives an error, it starts not seeing the usb when I restart. To look at the error, I plugged the usb into a pc with windows operating system and it gives the error that the usb device could not be recognized.

Sounds like the usb drive is failing. Do you have another one to replace it with?

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