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La high load average

I am running 7 rigs in my farm–consisting of Nvida of 4 1060 6GN and 3 1070 ti --each rig has the same brand card, Mining Raven–The issue that I have is on one of the rigs–a 8 gpu 1070ti rig I am getting the LA–and at times the green box turns red–if I click on it it turns back to the green.
been that way for a week. Temps are fine 57-62c–fan at 55%.
Last night the 8 gpu–1060 6GB–did the same but went to the blank red box–and went off line–did a reboot --same issue–so I switched the rig to my windows–and the miner was fine in the same pool. Using Enemy 1.17 drivers are 390.59–on all rigs. Amy ideas would be most helpful–thank you

Z-Enemy uses high intensity to get higher hashrate which causes high system load.

Thank you very much